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Emergency leave

Published March 17, 2009 by Menikmati Takdir Langit


I just came back from the hospital. My wife had been admitted for dengue fever quite seriously.Thus, I have no choice but to apply for an emergency leave at least for this week. So many things to do. Taken care kids at home,  and doing some cooking for my wife since she had no appetite. No wonder she had a prolong fever since last week.


Thanks to Allah, I have maid to take care of my kids at home.

Office work? I have to leave to Allah to take care. I’m sure somebody will take in charge in this critical moment. I’m glad everything is under control but somehow I have to call and sms to them for guidance. I still received call from collegues and certain quaters who do not know my position at the moment. I must say to them that I’m sorry, but I have to divert your queries to Encik so and so. At least my burden will be shifted to them temporarily.


Thanks to Hanafi, Shafri and Shikin for your willingness to visit us at the hospital. Thanks to friends and relatives for calling and giving support.I appreciated it very much.


I pray to Allah that she will recover very soon. So far her progress is quite good.

I also need a rest. Feel like having a mild fever, but it is still under control.