My friend Tajin


I have a friend. A very close friend.Very humble and honest. He came from  a very remote area in Kuala Brang Terengganu, a small village called Kg.Tajin. That’s where he get this nickname. His true name is Suhaimi but we prefer to call him Tajin and he never refused such a call.

I firstly met him in 1991. He was one of my collegues in SMS Muar. Both of us come very far to Muar and this common similarity make us feel so close.

I would like to describe him as a quiet person and very timid. He came from a low income family but this is not the main obstacle for me to befriended with him. Frankly speaking, I do not know much about his past experience because he seems to be not very keen to disclose everything in the past prior to our friendship. May be he has some bitter experience which had actually motivated him to become what he is now.

I still could remember those days when we always spent time together. We form our own study group and discussed every subject together. Sometimes I motivate him and sometime vise versa. We remind each other. Our target is to excell in STPM 1992 and in order to achive that we must strive very hard.

A few days before STPM I felt sick. Very very sick. I ran around the school field as I felt so depressed with my fever. I had a bad fever. My body is so hot. I cried and cried very sadly as I’m afraid I could not sit the in the exam that year. My health condition is deteriorating. It came on and of. He came and pacify me. He help me to get treatment from the hospital and even accompanied me to the hospital. When I have problems he came and lend his hand. I really feel comfortable and secure with his present. Alas with his spirit I managed to accomplish my STPM.

When the STPM results was announced in 1993 both of excelled. He stood up as Best Student in Economic  while I manage to secure the same in Bahasa Melayu subject. Eventhough I felt a bit frustrated as my target is to get best student in Social Studies but at the same time I am proud with his achievement. I must say that he has done very well and I thanked him for his support during my hardship time.

One of the most bitter experienced is when both of us are hungry. Why??? At that time we decided to stay at school during short semester break. Unfortunately, the food prepared by the hostel cannot cater us. Finally, we decided to see the warden and I managed to go out to buy some foods for the rest of the day. As usual, we share the food that we have nasi goreng ayam.

When our school celebrates 10 years anniversary in 1993, both of us came to receive the awards.

In 1993 both of us follow our own ways. I choosed to study Law and he choosed Bussiness Management. I was in IIUM and he was in UKM for the next 4 years. Since that we are distance apart, less communication as during those days there was no email and handphone to connect us. I totally lost contact with him but his memory with me still alive till todays.

In 2004 we met for the first time in Kuala Lumpur at a reunion meeting. He was working in one of the insurance firm in Shah Alam while I was working at one of the  ministry in Jalan Semarak KL. I have a watery eyes when  I met him at the first time after prolong years of lost.

Till then, we still keep in touch via email and sms. If I have problems I will contact him to seek advise and so do him. He just getting married a few years ago and was blessed with a dourable son. Finally, I met him last week during lunch time in KL. He throw me a lunch at Ikan Bakar Jalan Bellamy, the infamous lunch dishes in KL. I appreciated and touch with his generosity. He is now a weekend husband as his wife is working in Kuantan while he is stationed in KL. Once a week he will travel back to Kuantan to discharge his duties as husband and father.I must say that I am very sympathy with his conditions and I pray he will become strong with this obstacle. I advised him to be patient as Allah is testing you at this moment. Pray hard and submit yourself fully to Allah. I told him that I myself personally experienced the same for almost 2 years.

I choose him as my subject of this entry as I feel that I have a few good friends who can be as a benchmark.  Too many things that can be learned from him. His courages and his guts makes me feel strong. He is a person of substance,motivated and pious. I hope he will stay put with what he has now and I pray that Allah will give him more “rezeki” in future.

In order to describe about him, I choose a simple language, using a simple words as this reflects the simplicity of Tajin. Thanks to Allah for giving me such a good friend like him.

[This tribute is treated as private and my personal appreciation to him.]

ABU WAFI, Kuala Lumpur

7 July 2009 [1.30 pm]

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