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I shall missed that place

Published June 23, 2011 by Menikmati Takdir Langit

My work station

My big boss cubicles -no entry

Cubicle from the inside

The corridoor of power

 My peers

After 3 years and 4 months, I started to leave this place for good. This is my office and I must say that I owe an unvaluable experiences working at this place. I learnt more about people’s behaviour, attitude and their way of life. A place full of pressure and at the same time can drive you into madness. Nevertheless, I felt that my working experience in this place had thought me so much that handling people is the most difficult part, but I do appreciate it.

People come and go. Now is my right time to go. Somebody have to take care my position no matter how critical it was. It is a challenge to everyone who work at the corridoor of power. You know what I mean.

People like us need changes and have to move on. We cannot remain stagnant and comfortable at one place. Take another challenge and see whether you can do it. Changes made you feel uncomfortable at the first instance but believe me it wont take long time for you to adapt with the changes.

I have no choices but after full deleberation and thougt, changes are the option which I could not resist for. Life must go on.

After 2 months  at new place, new atmosphere, new working environment, new bosses and new collegues I begin to realise that changes make you become more dynamic. I started to resuscitate with a new life and hopefully it is good for my future.

People says changes is good for your carreer betterment and exposure but my personal opinion is not so. I believe that changes in career is to boost your moral and to enhance your motivational level up to the limit.

Thanks to Allah the Al Mighty for this changes. I do missed that place and my peers who still working there. Good luck to all of you.