Me and my Mentor

Published March 6, 2011 by Menikmati Takdir Langit

Me and my Mentor Encik Khaled at HKL

Azlim Khan join me later 

Telling his past experience

2 days ago my ex-office mate Sister Syikin wrote on my wall (FB) that our former boss, En Khaled bin Noordin was  ill and ask if I could pay him a visit since she is  unable to do so. (Currently she is in Saudi Arabia following her husband for 3 years). I was quite stunned after reading her message. Suprisingly I get to know this news from someone outside Malaysia. I started making phone calls to few of my inner circle who use to work under the stewardship of En Khaled way back in 2005 till 2008.

Later I found out that En Khaled was admiited in Kuala Lumpur Hospital for having kidney failure and must undergo hemodialisis for the rest of his life. My fullest sympathy towards him.

On 5th March 2011 I went to HKL (Nefrology Ward) but was told that he was admitted at normal ward since his kidney is okay. What a relief…

If I can recall this is my second time I met him since his retirement. At the age of  59 he  look exhausted with a pale face. He greeted me and we have a conversation. His wife is the true companion who look after him since he was warded 3 weeks ago and now is already entering the 4thh week bedridden in the hospital. Luckily his family is all out for him and friends like us as well as former office mate came to visit and give moral support. Thanks to Allah he is recovering.

A few minutes later, my ex-office mate Azlim Khan join me at the ward. En Khaled got excited with our presence. He started to talk and ask many-many questions about current issues in office. He really miss us and both of us as well could not forget him especially our sweet memories in Pulau Tioman.

Personally I think he is one of the best superior I ever had. He taught me many lessons especially how to to become a good writer. His skills in writing is excellent and the languages he used is full of diplomacy and courteus. Sometime he used very long sentence but I found out that it is appealling to those who read it. Even Azlim also admitted that what En Khaled had taught him all these years  is very usefull and beneficial to him in the current post that he holds now.

Apart from that, he is very understanding boss. Never scolded us  eventhough I knew sometime he is in deep pressure. He always corrected our mistakes. Love his subordinates very much.

Undeniably he is my mentor and after his departure we all really missed him. He served this nation for more than 30 years. Thank you En Khaled. I pray to Allah that you will get well soon and I pray to Allah you will be able to perform hajj this year. May Allah reward you with what you have given and share with us.

Thank you my Mentor.

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