I need a break

Published March 11, 2009 by Menikmati Takdir Langit


I’m still at work. Alone in the office. Still doing some work. I want to go back early but I was stranded with a bulk of task which need to be completed by today. I’m exhausted after came back from Langkawi 2 days ago. Coincidently, my kids at home ie: Fawwas are not feeling well. Wafi and Munzir is also not feeling well. Last night, I was at the emergency ward in Putrajaya Hospital until 12.30 a.m to see the doctor as Fawwaz’s fever is slightly higher than usual. Suspected tonsilitis.

I don’t have enough sleep, but I have to be here until 11 pm to observe the debate in parliament. Being a Coordinating officer made me feel very exhausted and fully occupied. Outside, there is a heavy downpour and I  might stranded in the traffic jam should I go back early. Just wait until the traffic subsided.

I feel bored and alone. No idea to write some more.

Kuala Lumpur 8.30 pm

2 comments on “I need a break

  • Kids getting fever… medicine & antibiotics…well that’s normal and that’s part & parcel of growing-up till they reach adolescent. At this tender age they need your tender loving care..Be patient in whatever you do and Allah will do the rest…

    • Thanks Kak Amaini for your concerns. I concur with you. My eldest son is expected to undergo operation to severe his tonsil by end of this year. Its part and parcel of raising a kids and part of test from Allah swt. Please pray for me.

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