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Void ab initio

Published January 20, 2009 by Menikmati Takdir Langit


I decided to write something in English, but I have no idea what to share. Still wandering around for ideas to write something heavy and carry weight. Finally I remember one legal maxim which I learned before ie: Void ab initio or Void from the very beginning. It’s originated from the Latin terms and it carries weight.

From the legal perspective this term is widely used to describe something that is not legally binding from the very beginning. A document that is void is useless and worthless from the very beginning it enters.

For example A and B enter into a contract to sell and purchase a piece of wood which is still a part of tree. Not even being chopped down. So, this contract is void ab initio.


Thus, what happen if we apply this principle in our daily life? Try to see and scrutinize whether our daily life is full of void ab initio.

What about our obligation towards our Creator, ie. Allah The All Mighty? Have we observed our daily prayers,fasting during Ramadhan and other obligations strictly without failed?

I remember the word “steadfast” ie: Istiqamah in Arabic. I love to pronounce this word. But, unfortunately this word is very difficult to translate into action.

Have you ever thought that your prayer is void ab initio?

Have you ever thought that your fasting is void ab initio?

Have you ever thought that your alms giving is void ab initio?

Have you ever thought that all your deeds is void ab initio?

I pray to Allah. I am scared that all the good deeds done in this world will turn into misdeeds in the hereafter. As a human,we cannot guarantee that all our good deeds in this world will be rewarded with paradise in the hereafter. What if all the good deeds is not right from the very first moment and it turn into sins in the hereafter?

How do you feel if all your good deeds is not recognized by Allah? Do you feel frustrated and heart broken? Do you cry? When was the last time you cried because you fear Allah? You fear that all your good deeds will not be recognized and acknowledged by Allah?


For instance, how do you feel if you had accomplished your duty as commanded by your superior but later you found out that your job was not properly done according to law and procedure as enunciated in your job scope?

I’m sure that definitely all of us will feel sickening,painfull and frustrated because all become useless, worthless and meaningless. Have you ever experience before?????

We cannot guarantee our destiny whether to heaven or hell but we can assure that there are certain practise or action is tantamount to reward and and punishment. Intoxicated of alcohol, committing adultery and defame other believers is a sins while observing prayers,giving sedekah is a good deeds.

Thus, I pray that Allah will guide us to the right path. I pray that Allah will accept our good deeds from the very beginning. I pray that Allah will give good conscience to all of us, to pour sincererity in our heart. Without good faith,clear conscience and sincererity it is difficult to become a good believers.


I believe that what ever good deeds  we did in this world must be accompanied with sincererity in our heart. May Allah guide us!!!!

ABU WAFI, Putrajaya